Mochi, comfy beds and a dead lizard…

September 2, 2016

It took almost 20 hours in the air, but…


Somehow I managed to get us a hotel room here in Bangkok without a desk… so I’m sitting cross legged on a tiny red couch right now writing this while Marcus, Morgan and Artie are outside having a swim. We arrived here yesterday and indulged in a super long sleep so that we could all feel “human” again after the trip here. Unfortunately we neglected to get any real “food” to eat when we woke up, so we had to satisfy our 2 am hunger pangs with the mochi (sweet and gummy filled rice cakes) that we picked up in the Taipei airport. Comfy beds, mochi and a good sleep can cure pretty much anything… even finding a dead lizard squished to the closet door…

Morgan, Artie and I walked to the 7-11 this morning to get some coffee and other essentials while Marcus worked with an early morning client. I can’t quite describe the gentle bubbling of bliss that I felt walking down the alley way, while Morgan lead the way and Artie chatted away his thoughts and observations… jumping over puddles, counting street dogs and trying to categorize the barrage of smells that we encountered. I’m looking forward to experiencing more of Bangkok over the next few days through their eyes.

Kay Green

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Aw! I’m so excited and envious all at once reading this – the visions I have of you all walking those familiar streets – particularly the 7-11’s on every corner. Enjoy every moment in Bangkok! I loved it there so much (we also slept directly upon arrival for about 12hours!!) Looking forward to seeing some photos!

    Kay Green

    I bet it brings back memories for you! 🙂 Thanks so much for the kind words – we are enjoying exploring the city!

Victoria l

Well done Morgan well done!!!


Glad you traveled safely, as did I.

    Kay Green

    Good to hear from you Aunt Lois! Hoping that all is well in Burundi 🙂

Melanie Gilligan

Hello Marcus and family! Very exciting! So glad you made it safe and sound! Love the pictures. Are there a lot of vending machines every where? Just curious…

From a small desk in a crazy school.

    Marcus Little

    Hi Melanie,

    The flight here was long and draining. I saw vending machines in airport but did not notice them in Bangkok. That is apart from one that sold toilet paper in the bathroom. I did make a video about this and really should get that post up. It is quite funny. I hope you are transitioning well with the new school year. My daughter was actually missing going back to school for the first few days. Go figure:)

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