When your next door neighbour is the “Dream Killer”…

September 12, 2016

Things haven’t quite worked out the way that we expected they would here in Koh Lanta. Mostly because we grossly underestimated the volume of rain that we would be experiencing – as well as the impacts that rain would have. We’ve visited tropical locations during “rainy” seasons before, and expected maybe an hour of rain each day while we were here. That is not how it goes in the Green Season in Koh Lanta… not at all. An inch or more of rain every day is not at all unusual… it is also not unusual for that rain to fall for 20+ hours a day.

So, we have had to readjust some of our expectations of what our time here in Koh Lanta is going to be like. The tuk-tuk in the photo lives just around the corner from the apartment we are staying in. The first time the “Dream Killer” drove past me up the rough, red, dirt road to our apartment in the rain… while my kids were whining in a less than harmonic manner… I looked up to the cloudy grey sky and said “You really love messing with me don’t you?” I am to the point where I now laugh at the irony each time I see the “Dream Killer” is on the move.

Angry Waves and Dangerous Waters

One of the things that we were looking forward to was spending a lot of time on the beaches here and in the water. We expected to be scuba diving, snorkeling and/or photographing what lives beneath the turquoise surface of the Andaman Sea. What we have learned, is that the Andaman Sea takes on a different personality during Green Season. The prevailing winds this time of year turn the sea into a violent and churning body of water. It isn’t safe to ride out on a boat on – or be in. I’d be surprised if any scuba diving or snorkeling will happen during our time here.


That hasn’t kept us from exploring the “beaches” though. We have just spent more time on sand and in the shallows of the water than under the waves. There are countless beautiful beaches to visit and explore on Koh Lanta and anytime where there has been a break in the rain, we have been on our scooters out in search of a new beach to explore.


And instead of diving…

mt_maWe hadn’t planned on starting in on our more “formal” school work until next month. We expected our days here to be a bit more filled with “informal” learning opportunities. Since we have been inside more than we expected due to the rain, we’ve gotten more “formal” school work done than we expected we would. The good news is that this will free up more time in the future for us (and Morgan and Artie have transitioned into the “flow” of homeschooling sooner than we planned).

We’ve found some other skills to learn and activities to explore. We are staying at a Muay Thai Gym and both Morgan and Artie have been taking lessons (and enjoying them).

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