What we have loved about Penang

We’ve been in Penang for almost six months now, and our time here is coming to a close.  We’ve enjoyed the slow pace of our life here. We’ve appreciated the opportunity to get some work done on projects and also to give our kids a taste of a more urban life than they had in Canada.

We’ve written a fair amount about some of our bigger adventures and learning experiences that we have had during our time here. But today, as we are in the midst of packing up, I wanted to share some of the more regular pleasures that we’ve indulged in on the island. The things that have a special place in our hearts and have endeared this island to us. These are a few of our favourite things…

Bite and Eat

if_1Because of a gluten allergy in our family, it isn’t always the easiest thing to find restaurants that we all like (and where we all can eat). Bite and Eat, a restaurant that specialized in Southern Indian food in Little India though was a place that we all enjoyed. Whether we were there for lunch or dinner – we always walked away satisfied.

Street Art in Georgetown

IMG_20161118_160114600If we leave Penang with one learning, I think it is that art can be everywhere and created from anything. If you ever find yourself in Penang, I’d definitely recommend some time wandering through Georgetown looking for the street art.

IMG_20161108_181115120_HDRBut make sure that you don’t miss out on looking at the architecture while you are there. The attention to small details on many of the buildings would make me swoon at times. I’ll miss our walks through Georgetown.

Having a gym, pool and sauna right in our building

17457896_10154639320043585_105676555961642381_nIf you remember our family from Fort Erie, you likely remember how much of a role the YMCA played in our life. Marcus was there every day. Both Morgan and Artie learned to swim (before they could walk) in that pool. I didn’t have quite the same relationship with the Y… (although I did learn that I have amazing ninja kicks that one time when I broke up a fight there…), because I prefer solitude when I work out.

Our condo here in Penang had lovely gym and pool facilities right in the building, and this was something that we really enjoyed. We had the advantage of facilities that we didn’t have to drive to, without having to maintain them ourselves. And, because we had the flexibility to choose when we would use them – we often had the facilities to ourselves.

Reflexology Dates and Kidland

A couple of times a month, we would head to Prangin Mall so that Morgan and Artie could visit Kidland. Kidland is much like Kidzania, but scaled down and quieter. It provides children with plenty of hands-on play opportunities, and keeps them learning and engaged for a reasonable price.

While our kids were in Kidland, we would sneak away to one of the massage places in the building and have a reflexology treatment done (often followed by a massage and ear candling).  Seventy-five minutes of pampering and relaxation for the two of us would cost just a bit over $36 CDN ($18 apiece).

JCo Donuts

IMG_20161107_203113973We were never regular donut eaters. When we lived in Fort Erie, whenever we would travel to Erie PA, we had to make a stop at Krispy Kreme donuts, and that was pretty much the extent of our donut eating. We think that we have found donuts that top those though, at JCo Donuts. We didn’t indulge in these often (because… we found that we would eat ourselves sick on them), but they were amazing.

Egg Tarts and Half-baked Cheese Tarts

15937070_10154433053963585_3011905720072608115_oMy Mom has this philosophy that if she is going to eat something, it really needs to be worth the calories. The Half-baked Cheese Tarts and Portuguese Egg Tarts from Kings Bakery both fit that criteria for me. I made it my mission to try as many versions of egg and cheese tarts on the island as I could find, and the ones from King’s were by far my favourite. We have some time scheduled in Portugal later this year, and I’m hoping to re-kindle my romance with egg tarts again while we are there.

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