Cruising in Vietnam

Since I last sat down to write, we packed up our things in Penang, flew to Singapore and boarded a Royal Caribbean re-positioning cruise that is bound for Shanghai, China. We’ve entered a slightly more active phase of travel.17458085_394630020930234_7218094806311674542_n

There were a few more places in Asia that we wanted to visit this year and – believe it or not – a cruise can be one of the more economical ways to visit a number of locations, in a relatively short period of time. This is the first time that Morgan and Artie have been on a cruise ship. Artie is finding that this way of life agrees with him. Our room is tiny… and I’ve given up all illusions that I can handle living in a tiny house after a few days in that room with my family. The staff are all well educated on gluten allergies (which is so refreshing) and take (super, amazing) care of Morgan. 17621764_10154663233573585_2678448136181911209_o

Because this is a re-positioning cruise, it stops in a few less than traditional cruise ports. Our first stop was in a shipping port, about a two hour drive from Saigon. 17621895_395647070828529_5287905712274106503_o

Our stop yesterday was at a (HUGE) naval base called Cam Rahn, about an hour from Nha Trang. We decided to take a shore excursion, that we understood was going to be a river cruise. There are certain expectations that we had when we read the words “river cruise”… those expectations were unfulfilled.

We did however, get to visit an embroidery workshop on the excursion. The work that we saw was beautiful. Many of the pictures can take several (3-4) women up to a year to complete. IMG_20170402_130258405

We saw some beautiful beaches (that we really wish we could have explored).IMG_20170402_130909612We got to stop at a “traditional Vietnamese home”, and eat some fruit. I enjoyed the garden. I always enjoy a garden. IMG_20170402_140821892_HDR

We walked (and walked and walked) to the “river cruise” boat. We managed to catch some views of the gorgeous hills during that walk.IMG_20170402_150513633_HDR

Then we spent about 15 minutes total on the boat (…it took us longer to walk there). Our expectations of the river cruise were not fully met…IMG_20170402_151445052

When we got off the boat, we walked to a Cham Temple. By this point in the day, it was raining so Morgan and I hung out near the bottom of the hill.IMG_20170402_161233559_HDR

All in all, once we adjusted our expectations – we were satisfied with what we saw in Nah Trang in the few hours that we were there. When we got back to the cruise ship, we ate (amazing) burgers in a restaurant with windows and sat there as the ship left port – and yes, that was the best part of the day for everyone. I hope that when Morgan and Artie are older, they will remember laughing in that restaurant with us… and tell their own kids about that time that they sat eating burgers, on a cruise ship as it was leaving a naval base in Vietnam.

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Lyse Moreau

Life is what you make of it,
Thank you so much for sharing your time with us during your travels

    Kay Green

    Thanks for your kind words Lyse – we are glad you stopped by and have been following our adventure <3

Gay Douglas

I am so enjoying your blog, Kay! My family and I are big cruise fans so I’m happy you are enjoying this next phase in your trip. Safe travels!

    Kay Green

    So good to hear from you Gay! I’m beginning to understand why people are fans of cruises 🙂 Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by.

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