Okinawa, Japan

April 8, 2017

Our cruise continues, and yesterday we stopped in Okinawa, Japan and visited Naha City. Morgan is a fan and lover of all things Japanese, and has been really looking forward to this stop.IMG_20170407_120348890

We often have a “quest” when we visit a location. Something that we decide that we are going to seek out. In Okinawa, we had a couple of quests. The first was to find the Daiichi Makishi Public Market. IMG_20170407_134259187

We stopped at one of the little stalls for some snacks – which were amazing.IMG_20170407_131139773

Something that I found particularly delightful about many locations in Asia, is the attention that is paid to details, like outdoor floors. There were dozens of different beautiful mosaics on the floor throughout the market.IMG_20170407_135450715

After a bit of searching, we found the primary objective of our market quest – a (semi) famous pig head named Jennifer. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out who in our family wanted to find this… 😉IMG_20170407_134813034_HDR-(2017_04_07-09_43_11-UTC)

After the market, we set out to find a BBQ place for Morgan.IMG_20170407_150133763

Before we ventured back to the ship, we took a cab and stopped at the Fukushuen Garden.IMG_20170407_160135189_HDR

We’re going to do a separate post just with photos from the garden. It was one of those places where it was very hard to take a bad picture.IMG_20170407_160420397_HDR

Remember what I said about attention to detail? This photo is of the ceiling of one of the gazebos within the garden.IMG_20170407_161615451

When we were near the waterfall, a woman started talking to Morgan and showed her behind the waterfall. After a minute of listening to chatter, I realized that Morgan was carrying on a conversation with this woman… in Japanese. She told us that she was learning Japanese… but we didn’t realize how “well” she was learning Japanese.IMG_20170407_162357053_HDR-(2017_04_07-09_43_11-UTC)

While this photo from the garden is not so “beautiful”, I wanted to include it because it gives a sense of how much of an oasis the garden is within the city.IMG_20170407_161949843_HDR

I think that it is safe to say that our day in Okinawa, was Morgan’s favourite day of our travels so far. You may not be able to tell this from the photo, but Morgan is talking a million miles a minute as we head back to this ship… trying to convince us that we need to spend more time in Japan.IMG_20170407_170756354_HDR-(2017_04_07-09_43_11-UTC)


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Melanie Gilligan

I’ve been to that market! Love the pictures!

    Kay Green

    🙂 Glad you enjoyed the picture Melanie. We could have spent a lot more time at that market – so much to see!


Omg breath taking

    Kay Green

    🙂 It is a pretty special place!

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