Eating, Archaeology and Islands

We landed in Athens early last Sunday morning and began our 10 day visit of Greece. Marcus and I visited Greece almost 15 years ago, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to share this beautiful country with Morgan and Artie.

The food…

Food plays a big role in our travels, and that is especially true here in Greece. The street food is amazing.

The pastries and Baklava are made with love and pride, and make me swoon with every bite.IMG_20170509_170739822

Even the strawberries are worth writing home about… Do you see how big those berries are?  Red – all the way through – and FULL of flavour.IMG_20170512_212438200

On one of our walks through the city, we started noticing oranges on the ground. I started wondering “Who is throwing oranges on the ground?” and of course “Why are they doing it?”  My mind went a bunch of places – from the altruistic to the nefarious…IMG_20170512_105515126
Then… I looked up… and realized that the reason there were so many oranges on the ground is because they were falling off of orange trees. (Sigh…) Some days my relationship with the obvious is stronger than others…IMG_20170508_201533721

Living among the ruins

One of the things that I love about Athens, is that you get to walk and live in and among hundreds and thousands of year’s worth of history. So much of the city is a living and breathing archaeological site. There is something pretty magical about walking down the cobblestone streets here, knowing that people have been walking on those same stones for generations.IMG_20170508_201911123_HDR

The apartment that we are staying in is a short walk away from the National Archaeological Museum, which houses archaeological finds from all over Greece.IMG_20170510_191638533

If archaeology is your thing, I have no doubt that you could spend a dozens of days here – lingering and learning. Artie is not a museum guy though, so we spent a couple of hours here.IMG_20170510_193117721

A day of island hopping

We couldn’t take our kids to Greece without showing them some of the magic of the islands. Our problem was, that we couldn’t decide on which island to take them to. So, we decided to take them on a long day-trip that stopped at three of the Sardonic Islands.IMG_20170511_090730005


Our first stop was the island of Hydra, the magical little island where cars and motorcycles are prohibited by law. The main transportation here up and down the narrow, steep streets is donkeys.IMG_20170511_111216152

If you are a Leonard Cohen fan, you may know that the songwriter had a home here. It was the place that inspired some of his best known songs – such as “Bird on a Wire”.IMG_20170511_112245589


Our next stop was Poros. The good thing about an island hopping day trip is that you aren’t at any one island long enough to get sick of it. The bad thing is that some of the island stops are short. Our time available to tour Poros was just under an hour.IMG_20170511_135910844

We didn’t do much at this island but sit on a bench and look at the water. The water is such a pretty colour though… can you blame us?IMG_20170511_142305770


Our final stop was the island of Aegina. This is an island that is known for its production of pistachios… and yes – we bought pistachios.IMG_20170511_163009145_HDR

Morgan really enjoyed the islands, and made clear her distinct preference for all of the islands we visited over Athens. So, I expect that there will be another trip to Greece in our future – with more time spent on the islands.IMG_20170511_162533996

Still more to come…

We’re a little over half-way through our time in Greece, and still have a lot to see, do and experience here. Tomorrow morning, we leave early to visit one of Marcus and my favourite places – Delphi. Artie has already informed me that he is “not going to be into Delphi”… but we’ll see. It’s a special place. Maybe it will work some magic on him.


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You’re doing a great job of sharing your trip with us. Thanks

    Kay Green

    Good 🙂 Thanks for the kind words and for following us Aunt Lois!

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