Fall in Prague

After a couple of days in Ireland to sleep off our jetlag and enjoy the scenes at the beach, we flew to Prague in the Czech Republic. When we first started planning our first year of travel, our plan was to spend six months in Prague and then travel from there to nearby countries. This was before we understood the Schengen visa (Canadians can only stay 90 days out of 180 in Schengen countries in Europe). So, that plan got scrapped. We couldn’t work Prague into year 1, but we really are glad that we found a way to work a month here into year 2.

Each time we go to a new country, there are a few days of adjustment and settling in. Marcus refers to this as a “snow globe effect”.  Our world gets shaken up when we move, and it takes some time to get our bearings and for things to settle down. We have to figure out our cellular service, the currency, where to get food (including gluten free food), and how to get around. For me, I always find the “figuring out how to get around” as the biggest stressor, and some countries have been easier than others in that regard. Prague is a very pedestrian and transit friendly city though, so we’ve opted to use public transit while we are here. The 30 day passes for the four of us cost $81 CDN, and we are within a 2 minute walk of two tram stops. Google maps has been such a help in telling us transit routes to take to get to the places we need to go. We’ve taken trams, subways and buses and started feeling comfortable with the system within our first couple of days.

The apartment that we are in in Prague 5 is a short walk away from Prokop valley. It blows my mind to know that we can walk out of high density apartments and into a magical quiet forest within just a few minutes. I try to sneak over there for a walk either by myself, or with our family each day. Time in the woods is good for the soul.

I didn’t think about it much when we planned this trip, but we are here as the trees are changing colour. I couldn’t have planned that better. The tree coloured hills are stunning. Artie says that they look like the Trufala trees from the Lorax.

We’ve just started to explore the more historic and tourist sites of the city. Thursday, we headed down to Charles Bridge.

Thursday was a holiday here, and it was super busy there so I claim, “poor planning” on that decision. A few minutes in a crowd when I have the kids with me exhausts me (and everyone else too). At best, we got forced smiles in our pictures.

The bridge and surrounding area though are beautiful in an old-fashioned fairy-tale sort of way. It is humbling to think of how long the bridge and these statues have been there, and how many people have walked by them.

(Edit: I’ve learned since that these statues are NOT the originals…The original statues are in a museum).

We snuck down to a playground just under the bridge for a bit which was great. It gave Artie a chance to run around, play and climb a tree to pick crab apples while the rest of us took in more views of the bridge and the river.

And of course, I am always a sucker for the tourist food. I know that a lot of people are drawn to Prague because of the beer. I grew up loving Czech pastries, so it is the golden-brown light and flaky stuff that drew me here.

Artie is eating a ice cream in a Trdelnik “cone”.  I had one too, and it put a huge smile on my face. Marcus had a savory version filled with sausage and onions.

We are settling in quite comfortably here in Prague. As we have been travelling, we’ve visited a few places where we felt that we could be happy for a long time. Prague is now on that list.

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