About Us

We are the Little-Green Family, and we are going 'A Little Beyond'...


In August of 2016, our family will embark on a life-long goal of travelling the world together. It is truly pushing us “A Little Beyond…”, our comfort zone, what we know, and what we think is possible. We are aiming for a two-year trip, but frankly – we have no idea what the future has in store and we will live this adventure for as long as we can. This site is designed to share our adventures with our family, friends and other’s who may be interested in following along.

The Little-Green Family is made up of:

The Dad in the Little-Green Family. Professionally, he is a Speech-Language Pathologist who delivers therapy via Skype and is the creator of Rapid Speech Therapy. He’s a scuba diver, photographer and aspiring videographer with a big grin and an unforgettable laugh.


Kay-1Kay: The Mom in the Little-Green Family. Professionally, she is an e-learning instructional designer who has created hundreds of hours of creative and engaging e-learning courses. She’s also a painter, gardener, writer and the one who plans “how” to make things happen.


528528_10151034951813585_1632061345_nMorgan: The Daughter in the Little-Green Family. Morgan is the thoughtful one, with a big heart and a quick eye to see others who need her help. She loves learning, cooking, painting and is looking forward to scuba diving with her Dad.



10474284_10152563506385450_7319346764749306466_nArtie: The Son in the Little-Green Family. Artie is always ready for adventure, and has lots (and lots) of energy to burn. He loves video games, swimming and gives amazing hugs.